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Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

Posted on: July 19, 2010 1:28 pm
Edited on: July 19, 2010 5:44 pm
As recently as like three years ago, Terrell Owens would've had a shot at cracking CBS Sports' "Top Five Wide Receivers in the NFL " list.

Now? Child, please; he needs a team first.

The likelihood that he will find one has been narrowed further, provided you believe the comments made by A.J. Smith about Owens to the San Diego Union-Tribune 's Nick Canepa:

“We’re all set right now with our receivers,” says Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, back from vacation a week before the opening of training camp. “I don’t want to be involved. A lot of people have us targeted [for Owens], but they know I wouldn’t do it.

The Chargers are clearly in a bizarre situation, because while they have a ton of talent on the offensive end, they could be without star wideout Vincent Jackson for a minimum of three weeks (his suspension ) and possibly up to 10 (provided he continues to hold out ).

In fact, Smith acknowledges in the same article, when referring to Jackson and Pro Bowl left tackle Marcus McNeill , that, "it's over with ... I think they're going to be here for six games, and then think they're going to be free." Yet, they still have clearly zero interest in the oft-troubled wideout.

All of this lends even more credence to something that our own Mike Freeman wrote recently : that Owens is being pseudo-banished by the NFL.

Think about it -- he's been rejected by the Panthers (Jon Beason, who practically laughed at the notion of TO coming to Carolina in an online chat ), the Redskins , the Bengals (even though Chad Ochocinco was reportedly pleading the brass to ink him), and now the Chargers. All of those teams need help at wideout, and yet, Owens can't find a home.

Adam Schefter tweets that Drew Rosenhaus texted him today to say he's "very confident" that Owens "will have a home within a few weeks," but making the presumption that someone will ink TO -- particularly given all the wideout-needy teams that have passed already -- just based on an agent's PR manuevers seems pretty optimistic.

Of course, injuries happen, even in training camp, and it's likely some team that will get desperate and give Owens a short-term, incentive-laden deal. But, on the bright side, even that doesn't happen, he's always got a future as a reality show sidekick . So there's that.

-- Will Brinson

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Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

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Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

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Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

I saw nothing in the article about Jessee Jackson. Did I miss a line or two? And if Jessee was making a statement defending a black athlete, then let's first look at the cause of the action. In LeBron's case, I think something needed to be said, because you have an owner that literally tried to ruin LeBron because he decided to leave his team. The comments were unfair and unfounded. If the owner thought of LeBron all the things he said, then why did he offer him 120 million to keep playing for the Cavs?'s off-subject of what this thread was originally let's get back on topic and leave Jesse eout of this until Jessee sticks his nose in it.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 2:00 pm

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

Hey LightsOut,

I don't care if Jesse Jackson used to sleep with MLK Jr.  he's more of a racist then you think.  I've never seen him defend one white person, racist.  I've never seen him defend anyone but black people, racist.  He shows up whenever something comes up in the media to get his name out there, because if Jesse Jackson is involved, it must mean a black person is in some kind of trouble, racist.  He creates the very thing he claims to combat, i guess you just don't see it. 

The funniest part, Jesse Jackson doesn't even like Obama, and why is that?  Because Obama stole his thunder. 

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 3:36 am

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

You are a "DUMBASS"

Have you checked you DUMBASS most of the Wide Recivers in the NFL are BLACK so to say Historically Black wide recivers have a hard time to find employment makes you a DUMBASS now if you would of went Kicker with that statement I could have agreed but you are a Dumbass

Historically, Black WRs have a hard time finding employment with the NFL.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 3:05 am

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

C'mon.  AJ's decision is based on sound reason.  TO is older and in decline.  No one can say that TO wasn't dominant in his prime.  Jackson is young and ascending.  He may reach the level of TO in his prime... it's yet to be seen.  AJ knows that McNiel's and Jackson's value is in the playoffs.  Chargers have a pretty easy schedule and pretty easy division.  He doesn't care if these guys sit out 10 games.  As long as they're ready to strap it on come playoff time.  I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them get a long-term deal done come mid-season.  The other will be franchised next year.  AJ gets to keep both for at least two more years.  Nothing will get done until Gates gets an extension.  Then he'll see how much $$ he has to work with. Let Merriman, Jackson, and McNiel compete for contracts.  AJ's in the drivers seat.  He doesn't need to spend $$ on TO when he's got other irons in the fire.

Re:  Jesse Jackson.  Let's remember that he walked along side of Martin Luther King in the day.  He's spent most of his life fighting racism and trying to bring people together.  Once any of you do anything that is 1/10 as courageous as that... then you can throw stones.  Until then, keep your race-bating comments to yourself... BRA.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 2:22 am

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

Seriously, did u really just write that, please count the number of white rcievers and then count the black ones, who has more?

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 12:12 am

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

And white receivers get jobs all the time?? I think it has more to do with his age and attitude and demand for more money than he deserves than the fact that he is black.  Don't pull the card if it doesn't apply...

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 10:46 pm

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens

I look at these teams mentioned as a place for owens to go to... Carolina, Smith, doesn`t seem like he is willing to share the spotlight, the Redskins, would Shanahan really want to deal with the sideline antics, in his first year there?And I don`t think McNabb would want to have owens in his ear.... again. Isn`t having eightfive as a sideshow enough for any team? I don`t believe he`s being "pseudo-banished" from the league... more like teams look at his age, and the fact that he drops too many passes. And with that jerk agent he has, thats whats keeping him from being signed.

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 8:24 pm

Bolts resigned on Jackson/McNeil; say no to Owens


Are you in high school still?  Did your girl leave you recently?  Or are you just one of those internet gangsters who think they sound tough on message boards?  Relax bra, take a pill and enjoy life, you might not have much time left. 

As for Jesse Jackson, the guy butts his nose in everybodys buisness who's black and they don't even ask him to.  The guy jumps in everytime he thinks a black athlete or star is getting unfair treatment.  Why didn't he defend Mike Vick?  I think everyone is just waiting for someone to make this a black thing.  Is it racist to expect that?

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