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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

Posted on: August 12, 2010 6:37 pm
Edited on: August 12, 2010 6:39 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Jared Allen welcomed ESPN's Chris Mortensen into his own RV bus (spoiler: it's freaking awesome) on Thursday, in a segment that aired on Sportscenter . He also talked with Mort about Brett Favre and the looming in decision that will either give Tavaris Jackson a starting job or not.

"I do hope Brett comes back," Allen said. "But at this point, we're pushing towards the preseason, so a decision has to be made pretty quickly here. And just in fairness for us, for our team, for Tavaris, if Brett's gonna come back, we're done with camp, let's move forward. If not, we need a formal 'no' that way Tavaris has the opportunity to take this team over as his own, once that third preseason game comes. Because, as vets, that's kind of our earmark of 'we're ready to rock and roll."

Brad Childress' response was a little different, as he continued to not-so-directly point out that he would really, really like Favre to play.

"I stayed away from any artificial deadlines," said Brad Childress. "We're good with it if he plays. We're good with it if he doesn't play."

Childress, obviously, doesn't want to pressure Favre -- his job is a lot more dependent on No. 4 than Allen's is. But Allen makes a good point -- and presumably the other Vikings players are on board with his idea -- in that it's NOT fair for Favre to just sit back and wait and wait and wait some more before making a decision.

He can easily jump back into the offense and just do what he does -- Jackson's transition to a starting role is a much more difficult one, and he needs all the time he can to prepare.

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

Well if your asking for qualifications on what I know about team sports I'll give you my resume and you let me know if I'm more qualified then you.  I played 4 sports in high school ( Football, Basketball, Baseball, & Track) being the captain of the football & basketball teams and all-conference in both as well.  Then went on to play 4 years of college football (mvp & captain again) and a year of basketball.  I can tell you first hand that it is very hard to step away from a game that you love and especially when you know you can still play.  I have also had surgery 8 times and can tell you that every procedure is different with a different time perod for healing and being forty doesn't help to speed up the process.  Anybody that really knows about this situation would realize that Brett has already given his answer and that he will come back as long as the ankle is healthy.  I believe the Vikings' coaches and players already know this but don't really want to play into the media.  Just out of curiosity, did you actually play any team sports?

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

Big profile atheletes, for the most part, don't care one subatomic partical about the fans. Some pretend to care ( Ochocinco, LeBron, Jordan, Beckam ) but really are trying to make more cash. Some make no attempt to hide their disdain for fans ( T.O., Mike Tyson, Barry Bonds ). And some like Favre are so wrapped up in themselves that they think the sport owes them rather than the other way around. Humility is what makes us love a superstar, this is why we hate Favre ( well why some do anyway ). He's not humble, he's not accessable, he carries obvious hate for the Packer's and he wants everything about his life private except his ideas on how he should be treated. Maybe he doesn't know how Vicking fans feel about his antics, God knows he could care less about Packer fans! But I suspect he knows. He doesn't like camp, but unlike most players he can call his shots. This is what we fans hate. Why? Because we sense the game being taken over by divas. Ego's so big they eclipse the nature of the game. And yet, the game is so magnetic to us that we cannot pull away even as it evolves into theater and not competition. As long as we give these prima donnas our hard earned money for tickets we fans deserve all the Favres, LeBrons and T.O.'s in sports today!

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

Wake up knuckleheads, the Viking management knows exactly what's going on and so does Favre. He is COMING BACK. It's all a ploy to avoid training camp. Who cares how TJ feels, Brett gives them the best chance of winning. He can come back the week before the regular season and perform. Geez, the media needs something to write about and all of you are buying into it.

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

How can the players respect Childress if he allows this wishy-washy-ness to go on?   They get yelled at and reprimanded but when it comes to Favre, "He can do what he wants to... I love him".  He has toe jam in that big ole mustache of his from kissing Favre's feet!

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Let just say

You get my point, Sooner magic No need to be bash morons,or take cheap shots at me for such a small mistake or a typing error. The key thing here is do you agree or disagree with what I said. Did I set off a trigger. Are you a Vkings fan.

Ps I missspelled a word just to make your day see if you are nerd enough to find it teacher, oh by the way I hope it does not ruin your day lol 

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Allen: 'In fairness for us' Favre needs to decide

My, someone forgot their medication.  You are either illiterate, too stressed out, or too stoned to bother with spelling!

That is an "EMBERESTMENT" to morons everywhere!

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