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Glen Coffee retires

Posted on: August 13, 2010 2:29 pm
Edited on: August 13, 2010 4:16 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Glen Coffee, according to our 49ers Rapid Reporter Michael Erler , missed Thursday afternoon practice and was a no-show for Friday morning's session as well.

The reason for Coffee's absence was unknown, until Friday afternoon (yes, it's the 13th) when the youngster out of Alabama announced his sudden and shocking retirement.

Matt Maiocco of Bay Area CSN first reported the news on Twitter, stating simply that "Coffee announces retirement" before following up with an update in which coach Mike Singletary apparently said that "Coffee's retirement decision came out of the blue."

That's understating it -- Coffee was born in 1987, which doesn't exactly put him in the same age bracket as Brett Favre, John Kasay, or any of the other elderly NFL players.

So, needless to say, this news is, as Erler put it, "shocking."

In fact, it was about a year ago that I was pretty excited to draft Coffee in fantasy football leagues -- if Frank Gore went down, it stood to reason that he could be a sleeper for any team's bench. Thinking that he's out of the league now is nothing short of mindboggling.

There's a distinct possibility that Coffee is dealing with some sort of personal (thinking emotional here, perhaps?) issues -- that's 100 percent speculation on my part, but if anyone has a better explanation for why a 23-year-old would simply up and retire from the game of football just before the season started, I'm all ears.

And yes, "lacking the desire to play football" would theoretically fit into that "better explanation" mold, but even that still qualifies as a personal and emotional issue: it's seems unlikely that he woke up this morning and made a calm, rationale decision to never play football again.

Update (3:12): Coffee issued the following statement about his retirement: "This has been a tough decision for me, but at this time in my life I feel it's best for me that I move on from football. I appreciate what the 49ers, my teammates and coaches have done for me, and I wish them a blessed season and all the best in the future. "

Update (4:13): Some quotes from Mike Singletary, who said that he appreciated Coffee telling him the news face-to-face.

“His demeanor was, ‘I really hate to lay this on you, coach. But since college, my heart just hasn’t been in it. As a matter of fact, I came out early because my heart wasn’t in it,’ Singletary said. "All I asked him was, ‘Are you sure? Have you really thought about this?’ He said, ‘Yes, I have. I thought about it for a long time."

Singletary also said he was "sad" that Coffee quit because Coffee is an "exceptional young man."

Kudos to those of you in the comments who mentioned "heart not in it" as a reason for Singletary to quit -- turns out you were spot on. (I still stand by the notion that "heart not in it" is an emotional/mental/personal issue though.)

Stay tuned to the 49ers' Rapid Reports and follow us on Twitter for more updates as they come in.

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Glen Coffee retires

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Glen Coffee retires

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Glen Coffee retires

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Glen Coffee retires

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Glen Coffee retires

Nobody would argue that Glen Coffee loses what may have been a long and prosperous career in the NFL, whether with the San Francisco 49ers or some other teams. But remember that we are talking about a devout follower of Jesus Christ.  As Jesus himself once said, "whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it."  Luke 9:24.  
In other words, the cost of being a disciple is high.  If you strive for material prosperity but neglect your duties as a disciple of Christ, you will lose in the end.  But if you sacrifice for Christ's sake, real life will be yours.  O that I could be as brave in my discipleship as Glen Coffee is in his.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 9:41 pm

Glen Coffee retires

Way to backtrack there in your last update, big guy. You still think disillusionment with football is a mental/emotional issue? REALLY? Did Robert Smith have a "mental/emotional issue" when he quit football to go to medical school? Did Barry Sanders have a mental/emotional issue when he retired on the cusp of the rushing record? The cover-your-*** mentality in that update is ridiculous. You make an unsubstantiated claim of emotional instability, then when it turns out the guy has been man enough to tell his coach what the deal really is and states that he's been thinking about it for some time, you try to pretend that statement in and of itself is representative of an emotional problem. Incredible. So what reason would he have had to come up with for you to have just said, "Okay, he doesn't have a mental/emotional issue. I was completely wrong with my baseless claim that something is wrong with this guy?"

I don't know Glen Coffee or even really care about what his deal is. But is this what we really want to do, to present a worst-case scenario for people and then cross our fingers that the actual story can in some way be spun so that we can pretend that our outrageous claim is somehow justified? 



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Posted on: August 13, 2010 6:13 pm

Glen Coffee retires

He has a contract that would require him to return a bunch of bonus money
No he doesn't, it's a signing bonus separate from his salary.  In the NFL they don't have to return signing bonuses at all.  A roster bonus would be different, he might have to return that but a signing bonus is completely a different story.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 5:14 pm

Glen Coffee retires

This story aside, I'm wondering...Will the NFC W be as terrible as it looks on paper?

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 4:47 pm

Glen Coffee retires

His coach is not a 'white man'? I sincerely hope that comment was made in jest or perhaps you don't follow the 49ers or the NFL. This a tough shot guys hoping to handcuff Frank Gore. Good news for Cardinals or Seahawks fans however. Just the craziest thing I've heard since Ricky Williams or Napolean Kaufman.

Good luck to him, but for those of you thinking he's going to use his college education for something else, that may be true; however he will be unable to list a degree on his resume. Please remember that he left college early. What's next Brett Favre deciding to pitch for the Twins? Crazy!

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