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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

Posted on: August 16, 2010 4:00 pm
Edited on: August 16, 2010 4:29 pm
Tony Dungy, the former Indianapolis Colts' coach, is well known for being fairly, um, conservative. (That's not any sort of indictment, just an attempt at using the proper adjectives.)

It stands to reason then, that he wouldn't be a huge fan of Rex Ryan's F-bomb-laden tirades during HBO's "Hard Knocks." Guess what: he's not! Dungy appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and, via Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk , had the following to say about Rex's profanity.

"I'm disappointed with all the profanity," Dungy said. "I think Rex can make his points without all that."

Dungy has a point -- Rex doesn't require ALL the profanity to get the point across, but that's his personality. If he swears like a sailor and that works for him and no one is too offended and his bosses don't mind, that's his prerogative. However, Dungy also said he wouldn't be interested in hiring Rex.

"I would not. I personally don't want my players to be around that. I don't want to be around that. . . . It's hard for me to be around that, and if I were in charge, no, I wouldn't hire someone like that. Now, I've been around 'F' bombs, so it's not like it's new. I just don't think that has to be part of your every-minute, everyday vocabulary to get your point across."

Again, that's someone's individual prerogative -- if Dungy doesn't want to hire someone because he finds their vocabulary to be too crude, that's his own thing. (In Ryan's case, it probably warrants mentioning that he would lose out on a pretty talented defensive coach.) Of course, Dungy may have taken things a little too far when he suggested that Roger Goodell should intervene with Ryan's mouth on HBO.

"I would hope that he does," Dungy said. "I don't know that he will or not but I hope that he does because I just don't think the league needs that. I don't think our young people need to hear that that's what's done to be successful. Because it doesn't have to be that way."

Perhaps Goodell COULD say something to Ryan, but intervening in a public manner would seem a little odd in this situation, even if Rex's mouth doesn't portray a positive image for the NFL as a whole.

A certain question of censorship on the field might arise then, no? If Ryan can't swear while being filmed on an HBO television show that depicts the realities of how he acts within the confines of camp, should the NFL start censoring all of the NFL Films material produced?

Should Goodell start fining people if swear words are accidentally picked up by microphones on the sidelines of football games? And should he begin to demand that people with often controversial political beliefs (like Dungy himself) make sure to keep those 100 percent hidden from the limelight?

It's a fine line to walk, for certain, and not a public battle that Goodell would likely want to fight.

Additionally, Dungy could have simply tuned into/recorded the daytime version of "Hard Knocks" -- an HBO spokesman told that a swear-word-free version of the program (which we accidentally DVR'd and watched, to our own dismay) is produced to run during the daytime. Then he wouldn't have had to worry about being offended by Ryan's language.

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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

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Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 5:06 pm

Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

Dungy can take a hike.  I'm sick of his goody goody BS.  He got a free pass on one big event that should've been used to help other families and it would be more effective than using Ried"s.  Rex Ryan has me hating the Jets more than ever and am fired up to watch football.  Ryan is an asset to the league.  We all have our issues.  He without sin may start throwing stones at me.

Since: Apr 9, 2009
Posted on: August 16, 2010 4:59 pm

Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

Tony Dungy...shut up the NFL doesnt need you! 

ps Good job with Mike Vick's rehab

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