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Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

Posted on: September 6, 2010 7:13 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The Patriots have plenty to worry about (their secondary, which is full of teenagers, for instance) without focusing on Randy Moss, who's been known to trouble teams before, and who is entering the final year of a three-year deal.

But that won't stop them from having to deal with Moss and his contract situation, apparently.

"When you have done so much and put so much work in, it kind of feels like I am not wanted," Moss said in an exclusive interview with . "I am taking that in stride and playing my final year out and whatever the future holds is what it holds, but it is kind of a bad feeling -- feeling not wanted. It is not like my production has gone down. I am speaking from an individual standpoint. I don't know about Tom (Brady's) or whoever else's contract.

"I am a little older and understand the nature of the business -- the older you get the more your skills supposedly diminish, but I think I am getting wiser in how to use my physical skills. That's the frustrating part when you put so much heart and desire into things and feel like you are not wanted."

So, yeah: BAM. That's the hammer that no one who cares about the Pats wants to hear.

The additional bad news is that someone will have to tell Moss he's wrong about his skill usage (and equally off if he thinks he's getting a new deal from New England any time soon).

Of course, the good news is that if Moss feels slighted by his contract situation, there's a chance he produces monster numbers this year. Still, the notion that Moss is a little upset and might cause problems for the Patriots is troubling, to say the least.

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Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

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Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

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Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

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Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

Randy Moss is going 'me-first' on his team?

Wow, that's a surprise.

Why is it that wide receivers are the most immature, selfish players on nearly every team, followed by cornerbacks? Is it something to do with the mentality needed to play those positions?

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 7:48 pm

Randy Moss feels 'not wanted' by Patriots

Other than CBA issues.... Why is he not gettting a contract? I'm a JETS fan and would love to see an Owens issue in NE, but this makes little sense to me.
A) Looks to me like the media hounds are trying to find an issue where little is actually present
B) NE has plenty of money to spare, as they don't really pay much with the execption of about 4 players.

Any Pats fans know the deal with this?

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