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BFL 2010 Update: Week 1 Recap

Posted on: September 14, 2010 6:02 pm
Edited on: September 14, 2010 6:15 pm

Just another casual 1-yard jaunt for Jerome Harrison!

You may recall that I went to NFL headquarters and held a fantasy draft . Well, turns out that my turn to recap the fantasy league is the first week of the season.

Which is totally awesome because my team came out and ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED ... ME. That's right -- the only other team the Fuzzy Gullets managed to outscore in Week 1 was "What Would Revis Do," and I even lost to the absurdly abysmal "Press Coverage" team .

That didn't stop Dan Levy from whining on Twitter that the two teams who were lower than he was (me, Brian Bassett of the Jets Blog ) "didn't lose both QBs though." Um, Dan, you lost Matthew Stafford and Kevin Kolb is "questionable." It's not like your team is so miserable that you actually have to own the Cowboys' Roy Williams. What's that? Oh. I see. You DO own Roy. Errrrm.

Back to my team though, if this trend continues past Week 1, the good news is that my team is sponsored by Gillette, so at the very least, when I quit trying in life and become a homeless, bearded man begging for change, shaving will be easy.

Anyway, it's not a huge deal, as I still like my squad -- I think that every single team I drafted underperformed in Week 1, primarily because of some combo featuring Dwayne Bowe, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jerome Harrison and DeSean Jackson. Just turns out I have all of those guys on my team in the BFL. And Matt Ryan.

But onto the rest of the league, because, well, I suck. The top-rated squad through one week is the Tim Tebow-less "99-Rated Swagger," owned by Dan Shanoff . This is stunning because he even had to start LaDainian Tomlinson. It's not as stunning because he owns Chris Johnson and Tom Brady. Even with that fearsome pair, Shanoff himself wouldn't go on record about destroying the rest of the league.

Perhaps the most humorous moment of the week came when Football Outsiders mastermind Aaron Schatz posted the second-best score of the week ... with Arian Foster on HIS BENCH. (Actually, the second most humorous moment was when Steph Stradley of FanHouse berated him on Twitter for FO's Houston Texans projections.) Nevermind that FO thinks Matt Cassel will be good -- Schatz started Matt Forte and Rashard Mendenhall anyway, so he's doing just fine.

There were some other teams of note, I suppose (Matt Sebek of Joe Sports Fan somehow managed to get more than 20 points from a pair of receivers who were catching the ball from Derek Anderson; that should tell you everything you need to know about Week 1), but I dont' have the heart to get into it here. Instead, cruise on over to the Take it to the House Facebook page (by clicking this link or the giant picture below), hit the little like button, check out all the awesome tabs there, and follow me as I climb from the depths of embarrassment to dominate these fools.

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BFL 2010 Update: Week 1 Recap

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BFL 2010 Update: Week 1 Recap

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