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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

Posted on: October 19, 2010 12:26 am
Edited on: October 19, 2010 12:27 am
J. Cribbs sustained a concussion after his hit by Pittsburgh's J. Harrison Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The fallout from the violent hits on Browns WR Joshua Cribbs and WR Mohamed Massaquoi by Pittsburgh’s James Harrison and on Ravens TE Todd Heap by Patriots S Brandon Meriweather continues into today.

Ray Anderson, the NFL’s vice president of football operations told today that the league will start suspending for dangerous hits.

"We can't and won't tolerate what we saw Sunday," Anderson told Chris Mortensen. "We've got to get the message to players that these devastating hits and head shots will be met with a very necessary higher standard of accountability. We have to dispel the notion that you get one free pass in these egregious or flagrant shots.

"What we saw Sunday was disturbing," Anderson said. "We're talking about avoiding life-altering impacts."

In other dangerous hits news, Harrison didn’t show much contrition for the two hits. The league reviewed the Cribbs hit and determined it wasn’t an illegal hit (really, it almost seemed incidental. Sort of). I imagine the Massaquoi hit won’t be deemed a legal shot.

"I'm not worried about getting fined on that. Not at all," Harrison told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "If I get fined on that, it's got to be a travesty. They didn't call (penalties on the plays). There's no way I can be fined."

I think “no way I can be fined” is a little strong. I think he’ll definitely be fined for the Massaquoi hit, and honestly, I think he should be. 

And if you’re a Steelers official, you have to cringe when you read something like this.

"I don't want to injure anybody," Harrison said. "There's a big difference between being hurt and being injured. You get hurt, you shake it off and come back the next series or the next game. I try to hurt people.

"I thought Cribbs was asleep. A hit like that geeks you up, especially when you find out the guy is not really hurt, he's just sleeping. He's knocked out but he's going to be OK."

As for Meriweather, he was apologetic, but he didn’t regret the aggressiveness of the play.

I was playing aggressive and something happened,” Meriweather told WEII radio, via the Boston Herald. “I’m going to be aggressive. Point blank. I won’t change my game, period. I’m sorry it happened.”

Hey, at least he apologized for the result. Harrison thinks everything is right with the world. Until the NFL reaches into his wallet, of course. Or until he's suspended the next time.

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

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NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

Hey Sharkz333, are you 12 or just dumb? 

Concussions happen, sure. But when Rodney Harrison (who used to be a headhunting, physical safety) starts cringing at this past weekend alone, there's problems. James Harrison should be suspended for 2 games, Brandon Merriweather for 1 (he tried taking Heap's head off unsuccessfully in the 1st half).

Not to mention, Todd Heap, Josh Cribbs, Mohammed Massaquoi, DeSean Jackson, David Garrard, Chris Cooley and Dunta Robinson (delivery man of Jackson's hit) all sustained concussions this weekend alone. That's a lot of starters out for teams. And Goodell wants an 18 game schedule? I don't think so...

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 2:19 am

NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

@ - tell you what. Why don't we remove helmets from the game, in fact, why not remove all "safety equipment" period. See how the game looks then. Why don't you go play the game and show us all how it's done. But do us a favor first. Get about 100ft away from a wall, lower your head and run towards the wall full steam. Now do it 50-60 times. See if you still have a functioning brain and aren't in a coma or dead. Then perhaps we'll have one less person consuming the air for the rest of us. People like you shouldn't be allowed to be on the internet. You might consider playing in traffic instead. After you've been smushed, we'll remember to repeal those traffic laws that were designed to protect you, the pedestrial from someone figuring "hey, why not" and flooring the gas.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 1:54 am

NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

You are probably the same people who are against stem cell research, aren't you? You think you can save the world by telling everyone how to live. Life is full danger, and football is a game of violence. If you want to save the world, then start with people who need help not overpaid athletes who should be fully aware of the consequences of the game. I've got an idea lets put flags on all of the players and lets see how long the NFL stays around.  the Tom Brady rule is great lets see if we can TOUCH a QB and not get a penalty.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 1:44 am

NFL will suspend players for dangerous plays

So let me understand this correctly...we're pussies because we want to ensure that hits that could potentially end a player's career, or even their life, are illegal?  This is more of a "man's sport" if a guy crumples on the field and dies because of a broken neck?  I don't care who you are, no person wants to watch a professional athlete die in front of their eyes, and if it can be avoided then I'm all for it.  How can anyone even say that the Harrison hits were bad timing; the one on Cribbs, if you pay attention, he clearly slows down for a second while looking at the play evolve in front of him and, instead of driving his shoulder and using arms to wrap up the ballcarrier, leads with his head and drives straight through Cribbs' head which is basically on a swivel because he's being tackled by another guy...and in the other one the WR hasn't even turned to look upfield and Harrison, instead of leading with his shoulder and hitting the numbers, launches himself headfirst in an attempt to knock the receiver out.  That to me is pretty flagrant.  Hits can be both clean and hard, but neither of these were.  Remember Kevin Everett?  I'm a Bills fan and I still cringe every time I see that play happen, especially since I saw it live.  Had he died that day I think I would have been even more for something like this.  But fortunately he was only paralyzed and sent to the hospital via stretcher after about 15 minutes of everyone holding their breaths...with guys getting bigger and faster this is only going to happen more...the league did the right thing by changing it's policy, but I still think they should suspend both Merriweather and Harrison if they want to achieve the full effet of this message.  Oh, and for those of you who complain about defenses not being able to hit, look at all of the rules that keep them from encountering career ending injuries...clipping and chop blocks (lower body, knees) and offensive facemasks (neck injuries)...if an offense player can't block low in order to increase the longevity of a defensive player, than that same defensive player should have no right to launch his 250 plus lb frame helmet first at another player's head.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 1:33 am

Another perspective

The suspension of a player for a violent hit against a defenseless receiver will be a joke until they penalize the QB for leading a receiver into a dangerous situation.  I am starting to dislike football more and more every sunday.  It's no wonder ticket sales are a joke.  Its a bad product that no one wants to buy.

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