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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

Posted on: November 29, 2010 10:03 pm
Edited on: November 30, 2010 12:12 am
Posted by Will Brinson

There are plenty of reasons to think that Josh McDaniels might be on the hot seat in Denver. His record since starting 6-0 in 2009 is terrible, his team recently got caught videotaping someone else's walkthrough (on foreign soil no less!) and his personnel decisions have, for the most part, been terrible.

But Pat Bowlen says McDaniels won't be fired this year.

"I am not interested in making a change," Bowlen told FanHouse's Thomas George.

Asked if McDaniels would be back for 2011, Bowlen said more of the same.

"Yes he will," Bowlen said. "I am not interested in making a coaching change."

Andy keeps bringing up a great point whenever we discuss McDaniels on the podcast (and, in fact, we talked about it on Monday, so go listen), and it Bears repeating here: Pat Bowlen is not going to pay three coaches at one time. And he's certainly not going to be paying two if he doesn't have a 100 percent guarantee that there will be football played in 2011.

Because if he cans McDaniels and there's a lockout, he'll be on the hook for both his current coach and Mike Shanahan.

Bowlen did mention, though, that some of the assistants in Denver might be at the end of their rope, and that if McDaniels couldn't realize that, then Bowlen might, um, "help" him.

"I am confident if he doesn't have the right people around him, that he should change coaches," Bowlen said. "It is something I have always left up to my coach. But I always reserve the right to make that change. I have done it on an isolated basis. It rarely happens. He picks the coaches. But, absolutely, I have the right to make those changes."

McDaniels has been hindered by a lot of things, but this season's Broncos team should be better than it is -- they simply have no defense after injuries ravaged them before the season even began. But various problems and the personnel choices end up distracting everyone from the fact that McDaniels resurrected the careers of both Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd with his offensive scheming, and that the Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall trades weren't bad. It's just that how they used the assets wasn't wise. And maybe that's not on McDaniels. If that's the case, though, he needs to find a better set of people to help him work.

And perhaps he should start working on that ASAP -- Bowlen spoke publicly on Monday night, and offered a much different statement to the general press than the one he offered up to George.

"This has been a very trying and disappointing season for all of us," Bowlen said in a written statement, via the Denver Post. "We haven't had the success we had hoped to achieve. Josh McDaniels is the head coach of the Broncos, and you always strive for stability at that position. However, with five games left in the 2010 season, we will continue to monitor the progress of the team and evaluate what's in the best interest of this franchise."

Now, that doesn't mean McD is about to get fired, any more than Bowlen giving him a vote of confidence now means he's locked in for the future. But one thing's for sure -- conflicting public statements about the future of a struggling coach doesn't bode well for the Broncos' coaching staff.

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

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Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

Dear Mr.Bowlen i have been a Denver Broncos fan since i was 10 yes 35 years,i have never seen a team look like they dont care if they win or lose.Dont get me wrong we have a few good men Bailey,Dawkins,Orton,Llyod,Elvis other then that the Kid Tebow looks good also.You have to resign the CHAMP or the other teams will have the whole field to throw at.Now lets talk about our new coach I for one sheed a tear when you let Shanny go,but i did respect your decision we needed change and the first six games McD looked good,but the team has givin up on him just as Dallas did to Wade Phillips.I know we cant pay 3 coaches but this guy has made some real dumb moves .You cant trade Hillis for a back up QB.And you know going into last years draft your offense would be fine(Still feel we need a better back) and you draft more offense??????? The defense is getting older this should have been priority one.Then he replaced a Tight end who can block and catch with the slug Gramham brutal,I could do a beeter job then him and i got a bad knee and major back problems.Then our coach hires a guy for video wow what a surprise his dad was the dumb a** that caused spygate.Its getting to the point where and i really hate to say it but guys are going to not want to work for the Denver Broncos.I feel this team has lost its heart.When we won 2 Bowls we had a team full of heart and guys that played for each other we dont have that now.Ok iam done sorry if I upset you PAT but somebody had to say might as well come from a fellow CANADIAN.

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Posted on: November 30, 2010 3:47 pm

McDaniels okay in my book


I was one of the first to bash McDaniels, even coined the nickname “McDumbass” .  But since then I have done a 180.  I like what he is doing in Denver.  He is making a TEAM.  Cutler, Scheffler, & Marshall were all about the name on the back of the jersey.  Everyone knows how well Orton has turned out.  I’ll take it over Cutler any day of the week, especially Sunday.  All without a running game the first part of the season.  Now look how well the offense is with Moreno healthy. Look at the stats Marshall has in Miami in comparison to Llyod.  Once again, I’ll take Llyod over Marshall.  Ok, Hillis is a stud, loved him here, love him in Cleveland, love him on my fantasy league.  Let me ask you this though, who drafted him in their fantasy draft?  A lot of people didn’t see that coming.  Moreno though, solid back, and now that he is healthy, well, the offense is fine. Actually, more than fine, they are a TEAM, not a bunch of drama queens. Good job McDaniels.


Now the defense on the other hand; well this is where I think there is a learning curve.  The Broncos put up enough points to win every week; their defense however, can’t stop anyone.  You lose your best pass rusher in training camp hurts, but this defensive team plays without confidence.  I’m not sold on “Wink” Martindale either.  Is it the players, or is it the scheme?  I think it’s the players.  They look lost and passive – NO HEART.  Bailey and Dawkins only have so much …


As far as video taping the 49ers … what everyone fails to focus on is that the Broncos turned themselves in.  WTF?! They fired the person that did it … McDaniels got fined, rightfully so.  Relax its only football.  It’s nice to see someone trying to make it about the team.  We get a defense, look out!  It only took McDaniels 1 year to put together a solid team offense.  Phase 2 – TEAM DEFENSE! 


P.S.  It’s starting to come together in Kansas City, they have a head start though.  Mark my words; these are teams on the rise.


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Posted on: November 30, 2010 3:34 pm

Bowlen offers conflicting statements on McDaniels

Lets all agree that McDaniels has been less than stellar with personnel decisions since taking over as Coach but lets not blame him for Cutler and Marshall.  Jay Cutler acted like a baby and got his way...which was way out of Denver.  McD refused to cave into Cutler's demands of keeping O coordinator Jeremy Bates and just refused to treat Cutler like the king that he thought he was and instead watched film with his young stud QB and critizized his decision making...especially in the Red Zone and so Cutler made a decision to get out of town and get a new contract.  Everyone knows that a new contract is always given to a young player upon being traded.   His contract was down to the last 2 years and he was only scheduled to make about $2 mil.  Why not get traded and get a new MegaDeal?  Cutler being traded was about him wanting a new contract.  I have never understood why the media never caught on to this.  It is my opinion that Cutler blew up this team because he wanted a new contract yet everyone always points the finger at McD for going behind Cutlers back.  That is just stupid.  I have never heard of a GM or coach talking to a plyer before fielding calls for a trade.  That is just stupid.  Cutler was not Brady or Manning.  Cutler was a young up & comer but hardly the guy u gotta talk to before discussing roster moves even if he's the one being discussed.  Every player can be talked about in a trade scenario.  I just don't get how the media and all of the stupid "followers" could make such a big deal about a player being discussed in a trade and make such a big deal about it.  Every single columnist saying the exact same things.  Don't these guys get paid to give their own opinion?  Then why is it that they all say the same shit...just on a different channel?  Lets figure this out.  Doesn't it make sense that Belichick would offer Cassel to McD since he knew he was gonna trade him?  Doesn't it make sense that McD would take the call of his former boss who groomed him and gave him his opportunity to be an NFL coach?  Then why is it that none of the media coverage and the subsequent fan chatter never talk about this?  Money was the driving factor and Cutler wanted it now...not a year from now and he got it.  None of the trade talk made a whole lot of sense.  Lets see.  Denver was going to give NE Cutler and its 1st round pick for Cassel.  Yeah right!  Thats the offer that all of these media idots were throwing around and all of the idiot fans were buying that crap.  Bowlen made the decision to trade Cutler, not McD.  McD fielded the call and maybe even looked into it but he didn't pull the trigger.  Bowlen never liked Cutler's attitude and Cutler acting like a bitch put him over the edge.

The funny thing is that McD and Cutler probably could've done great things.  I hope Cutler gets crushed this weekend.  Bruised shoulder or something so we can watch him mope his way off the field.  The Bears won't miss a beat.  They win because of defense.

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