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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:42 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

There's really only one option when you start wondering who's been most affected by the NFL's new revised tackling policy. It's James Harrison. (Although, I guess, you could make a case that because he hasn't bothered changing how he's played, he hasn't been affected.)

And other players agree, like Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens who, on this week's conference call with Pittsburgh media, pointed out that Harrison has been "red-flagged."

"Your guy over there, 92, I think he is red-flagged," Suggs said via the Pittsburgh Tribune. "The referees are kind of looking for him. Even if he breathes on a quarterback wrong, he might get a flag."

That's hyperbole, of course, but it's not too far off -- Harrison's been hit up for $125,000 in fines thus far, and has drawn his share of flags for big hits in 2010. But Suggs doesn't think it's just defenders who get preferential treatment.

"The league has their favorites," Suggs said. "One being in Indy and one being with that other team up north. Besides those two, everybody is fair game. Some quarterbacks are getting the calls right away. Some quarterbacks they don’t care."

This is what's commonly known as "superstar treatment," and, frankly, it's something that's just part of the game.

If you're a star, you're going to get more benefit of the doubt, and if you're an antagonizer who frequently hits quarterbacks late and/or drops illegal hits on other players, the league and it's referees are going to take notice. As Harrison's wallet can attest, they already spotted him.

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

"I hope the players concede and start using the new concussion helmet made by the military."

Yet another hillariously obvious point made by Hines Ward yesterday. They don't allow the players to use these concussion helmets, because Riddell or whoever pays the NFL millions per year to use the helmet will go bye bye. The NFL want's that money. The players can only wear certain brands of cleats, the jerseys are only allowed by 1 manufacturer, hell the coaches have to wear reebok apparel on the sidelines.

Do you think all this mandatory equipment is required because the NFL has found that reebok stitching is superior to Nike stitching? No it's because reebok paid more cheese for the monopolistic right to NFL gear. Just as Riddell or whoever did for the helmets. Hines used the helmet thing as yet another way the league office is hypocritical. They want to reduce head injuries, but they don't want to lose money by allowing better and safer helmets to be worn.

Ultimately they have not fixed the problem - the WR getting lit up over the middle once or twice per year is not the guy who's going to be dimented and crippled by 50 - it's the O and D lineman getting their heads bashed on every down which the NFL has done nothing to address. Name me a WR or QB that's 50+ and suffering from dimentia and crippled?

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

The NFL needs to keep fining players so they can afford all their legal bills.  The first case, Shelton vs NFL has already been filed.  My guess is the league will try to stall and then stall some more until they can settle.  The real ugly truth is that the league doesn't want to parallel pro wrestling and have its stars depressed, crippled or dead by 50.  I hope the players concede and start using the new concussion helmet made by the military.  Who cares if they look stupid if everyone looks the same?  The players also need to go back to old school tackling and wrap up on their tackles.

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Suggs says Harrison has been 'red-flagged'

The problem is they are not enforcing this rule consistently.  It has nothing to do with Harrison being defiant towards authority.  This is like you being taught your whole life that 2+2=4 and now you are being told that it = 5 when at the same time it still = 4 for other individuals (players).  If they don't want helmet to helmet contact and they are concerned with players safety then why do they allow helmet to helmet for linemen or a linebacker on a running back?  Hines is right, the league is hypocritical.  Remember the rules, helmet to helmet is not illegal, helmet to helmet against a qb or defenseless receiver is illegal.  This is why harrison was not fined against cribs, it was helmet to helmet but cribs was considered a rb during that play.

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