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Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

Posted on: December 26, 2010 1:11 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Donovan McNabb will ask the Redskins to release him after the season, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Naturally, this is not a surprise, because … well … McNabb has been demoted to the third string so Rex Grossman and John Beck (Grossman and Beck?!!?!?) can get some playing time. McNabb feels disrespected, as well as he should.

From the article:

McNabb wants to be in a position where he can pick the place to finish his career, not have it dictated to him as was the case last season when Philadelphia traded him to Washington.

It's highly unlikely the Redskins initially would release McNabb, not when they believe he still has some trade value. Washington would want to recoup as much as possible for the player whom they surrendered second- and fourth-round picks.

What will test McNabb's trade value is the $10 million option bonus in his contract that another team might have to pay. Yet there are any number of teams -- Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco, Carolina, Tennessee and Miami -- with significant quarterback questions looming for 2011.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 9:57 am

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

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Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

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Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

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Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

Injun44 - I'll have to parse your message to respond:

1. " the Steelers fans and Green Bay fans were the rudest fans we have every encountered. Maybe thats why you felt some push back." The Packers have only played at Fed Ex one time (2004); the steelers have had 2 preseason and 1 regular season game in washington in recent years ( I attended all 3). Most Redskin fans say that the Eagle fans are the worst visitors to Fed Ex. Do you really know your team? The Steeler fans were loud - forcing Jason Campbell into a silent count in his own stadium but hardly rude. I cannot say the same for the host fans as I had a beer can thrown at me in the parking lot after a preseason game thayt washington won; one of my wife's work colleagues boasted about the number of terrible towels that he snatched from Steeler fans and threw into a fire during the tailgaing; and 4-5 vehicles owned by steeler fans were burned in the parking lot. The Post tried to say that the steeler fans themselves had shoved their grills under the cars to start the fire - I dont think it was steeler fans that did that to the cars.

2. "Gibbs is a hall of fame coach .not just a good coach." - point conceded. he is a lousy GM however.

3. "I dont see this as a Shanahan fiasco... its a Snyder fiasco." Agree it is more of an organizational (ownership) issue.

4. "Skins fans are out here large, still support our club." Agree. I stated that in my post.

5. "We are sorry you had a bad experience at Fed Ex." I attend at least one game a year at Fed Ex (except for the 2 years I spent in Iraq). My observatiopns are not just based on one fame but over a period of years and talking to a lot of people. The game experience is actually much better at Baltimore, you should check it out sometime.

6. "the Steelers have their circus boy in Ben Rothlisberger.  Rooney wanted to cut this guy but didnt...hmmm..... Lets see if he rapes another college girl." First of all, Rothlisberger was not charged with rape. So you have your facts wrong. Secondly, a lot of Steeler fans were disgusted with Ben's behavior. He is likely gone if there is a substantiated case of him abusing a woman (this likely happened in the Georgia case).

7. "These things are much easier to keep quiet when you are winning and in the media as a "champion"." Nothing was kept quiet, the news and details were all over the media including the Rooney's disappointment in his behavior, not to mention a 4-game suspension.

8. "Cowher," in my opinion and many others" were given Super Bowl XL.  THe worst officiated football game I have ever watched. A game given to the losing team." Many share your opinion. On the other hand there were missed calls aganist the Steelers which would have made this game a blow out. The Steelers do not control the referees, suggest you take your complaint to the NFL - I am a strong believer that the offciating has gotten worse over the years not better. However, the game was not given to Seattle who lost, the Steelers won the game.

9. "So lets give this team a chance to grow and as you said be a little more patient. " This comment best directed to the former Redskin fans who are rooting for other teams or sports like hockey. If you peruse any of these blogs you will see that plenty of Redskin fans no longer have patience with the ownership. Shanahan has helped the Redskins win some games they would have lost. He may be able to turn this team around if given the time, I don't like his disingenuous qualities win or lose.

10. "And when the Steelers have another slip or a few bad seasons, because every team has their ups and downs.  You and your friends are welcome to come back and wear the burgundy and gold." I have freinds that root for a lot of teams includinfg the redskins, raiders, ravens, eagles, giants etc. if this comment is directed to me, although I have lived in the washington area since 1965, I have never owned nor worn any redskin regalia.

11. "I love the Steelers allegiance but Rooney needs to build you guys a bigger stadium." I think Heinz Field is big enough. If the Rooney's do decide to expand, just hope they also increase the number of bathrooms and other amenities to accomodate the larger crowds unlike what has happened with other stadium expansions.


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Posted on: December 27, 2010 5:23 pm

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

"Mcnabb... meet the Vikings. "


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Posted on: December 27, 2010 5:12 pm

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

McNabb will be in Minnesota next year.

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 3:38 pm

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

Here's the REAL soultion to all of this hot mess for the DEADskins; "FIRE MIKE SHANAHAN and his retarded stupid son" This is the EAST coast NOT WEST coast. Dan Snyder must be the stupidest owner of any football team to hire a "GIRLIE man" to run an NFL team into the ground like SISSYHAN" is doing. The Redskins needs a REAL coach that can put this team back in competition. "NOT MIKE SHANAHAN"!!! That's why they are the DEADSKINS are DEADskins!!! Run SHANAHAN out of D.C.!!! If McNabb goes; I'm sure another NFL team will be happy to accept him. Shanahan is nothing but a FIRST CLASS JERK!!! Yeah! I said it!!!!

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 1:15 pm

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

McNabb has denied saying he wants his release from Washington but this is a man who talks out of both sides of his mouth. (The same could probably be said about Team Shanahan). But unless Schefter reveals his source, it's likely someone in McNabb's camp planted the story so he could deny it. It's how his ego works. He is not as smart as he would like you to believe.

McNabb has fallen into the trap of 'money for nothing' perpetuated by free agents from Deion Sanders to Albert Haynesworth over the past 10 years in Washington. McNabb was so disrespected that he cashed in by signing a 78 million dollar contract extension with the Redskins after a mid-season benching. The difference? The players held the cards on their contracts. This time it is the management that has McNabb by the balls.

Sure McNabb got a $3 million bonus out of the deal but that's it. The fact of the matter is that the 'Skins are going to release McNabb but not before they shop him just like Andy Reid did. If the 'Skins can't move him they will not be able to recoup the draft picks given to Philadelphia but there's no way McNabb will see a $10 million roster bonus. And by signing the contract extension, McNabb may have priced himself out of the NFL. 

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:26 am

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

@clutchometer- The players you would try to get are crazy my friend. Cam Newton is a bad gamble. Guy is mostly a runner which usually doesnt worsk so well in the pros. Mobility is a great asset but only if it is used in the right situations where as it usually just gets QB's hurt. Big Ben while helping the team will never get to Minnesota, Vince Young just stinks and Mcnabb may be a decent fit for the Vikes and the most likely player they have a shot at. The Vikes have a solid defense and the best RB in football (who Childress never used enough) and that may be a good setup for Mcnabb. Now to what you said about Vick being a top 3 QB before he was jailed. That is silly. He was in the bottom half of QB's in the league then, he just made an awesome athletic play now and then. I cannot understand why people gave him so much credit back then. Now on the other hand the man has improved and is an all star, now he is top 4-5 I truly didnt expect that but I was wrong.

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