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Falcons still have reason to smile

Posted on: December 28, 2010 1:13 am
With tonight's loss, Atlanta is now 19-2 when M. Ryan is quarterbacking the squad at the Georgia Dome (US Presswire).

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

ATLANTA – When the Falcons are in a sticky scenario, and especially if they’re playing in the comforts of the Georgia Dome, the Falcons rely on QB Matt Ryan.

And why not? Despite the horrendous Matty Ice nickname, Ryan oftentimes bails out his team with strong late-game play. Yes, Ryan was 19-1 at home before the Saints beat Atlanta 17-14 tonight, but Falcons DE Jamaal Anderson has come to understand that his team is relying too much on its third-year quarterback.

It’s almost not fair to one of the NFL’s fringe MVP candidates. They can’t expect him to win them games every time they need it.

“We just didn’t make the plays,” Anderson said. “We were looking at Matt late in the game, because he’s been there for us so many times. We shouldn’t have put him in that position. You have to be accountable on defense. We didn’t close out the win again. Even with some of the wins, the defense hasn’t closed it out.”

Much of the time, the defense hasn’t needed to seal the win, because Ryan and the offense have been so eager to do it themselves.

This time, after the Saints offense finally took a break from getting whipped by the Falcons defensive front four and scored to take a three-point lead with 3:24 to go, Ryan couldn’t make himself that late-game hero. He scrambled for a 20-yard gain on the first play of the drive, but he missed two passes, and Atlanta had to punt.

Ryan instead had to rely on his defense to bail him out this time, but the Falcons couldn’t stop Saints RB Pierre Thomas.

Now, the mystique of the immortal Falcons fielding an unbeatable team at home has been shattered. Though the 70,000-plus fans in attendance were loud and though the Falcons, assuming they beat the Panthers next week in the regular-season finale, will get home-field advantage all the way until the Super Bowl, the Saints proved Atlanta is beatable at home.

Illusions shattered, fans muted and leaving early in frustration, Saints grinning.

“Coach said to give (the Saints) their dues, but we didn’t make the plays we needed to make. I don’t even want to watch film, because it’ll be so terrible,” said DE John Abraham, who should, nevertheless, watch tape of his interception of Drew Brees (because it was pretty awesome).

Look, while Atlanta’s postgame locker room was stoic – though not depressing – the Falcons are still in a pretty good spot. Win next week against the Panthers, and they’re guaranteed home games through the Jan. 23 NFC championship game. That means no chilly trips to Chicago or no numbing journeys to Philadelphia. That means comfortable temperatures inside with a stadium full of newly-converted Falcons fans.

Plus, it could mean another home game against the Saints. That’d be kind of nice, right Tyson Clabo?

“We can have a rubber match,” the OT said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Besides, Ryan is a career 19-2 when playing at home. That’s not so terrible, is it?

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Falcons still have reason to smile

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Falcons still have reason to smile

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Falcons still have reason to smile

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Falcons still have reason to smile

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 2:48 pm

Falcons still have reason to smile

Hey Daddy...fact remains, we got ours and the ATL won't get theirs...end of post. The road to the Super Bowl get ZERO credit for going...ask Miinesota, Buffalo and ohh...and yourselves....does not lead through goes right down a Main Street in New England. If Matty Ice can't handle a beat up NO Saints team in the GA Dome then you have no business being on the same field as the THREE time SB Champs.

NO vs GB in the NFC Championship!!!

Since: Feb 28, 2008
Posted on: December 28, 2010 7:57 pm

Falcons still have reason to smile

Let me remind you delusional Saints fans of a few stats:
You LOST to Arizona and Cleveland, both are 5-10 and Cleveland was a HOME game
The Falcons lost to Pittsburg 11-4, Philadelphia 10-4 (soon to be 11-4) and N.O. Noodleheads 11-4
You won by 3 points, we gave you a give fumble and lost another fumble going in for a TD.
Our defense lived in your backfield all night. Our offense had an off night and yes, your defense player very well.
Stop drinking the Kool Aid and come to the reality that their will be 6 teams in the NFC Play-offs that all will be capable of running the table and going to the Super Bowl. The Falcons will have an advantage with the home field through-out.
Lastly, didn't anyone notice that Brees said all they needed was the Falcons to lose to Carolina, HELLO you have to play Tampa Bay, and as previously mentioned, you lost to Cleveland......Tampa Bay is still in the play-off hunt genius.

Since: Feb 24, 2007
Posted on: December 28, 2010 3:27 pm

Falcons still have reason to smile

Seems I struck a nerve with disappointed and/or disillusioned ATL fans...good. Mission accomplished.

Speaking of nerves, YOU HAVE THE NERVE to talk about the Saints getting all the breaks. Yes Brett Favre making a bonehead play was doubt...but the rest of the season we DOMINATED most our our opponents. The only reason you guys are 12-3 is because you are living on breaks. Hartley's improbable missed FG, the idiot SF LB fumbling the ball back to the Dirty Birds, Falcon WR makes a bobbling catch while going out of bounds but the refs call it good...need I go on!!!  But hey, you’re 12-3, so good job. However, Green Bay has a score to settle and the way you guys live on the edge it would not surprise me if they don’t beat you in your house.

That’s right, the Saints aren’t any good…by whose standards…the ATL’s??? Sorry, you don’t count. The evidence over the last two years suggests something entirely different. But hey, you ATL fans, you guys ain’t seen the football since the kick-off. So good luck with your ‘dominate’ team featuring Matty Ice and Rody White…you are going to need it.

And yes you do add "gravy' to the gumbo, it’s a colloquialism, it’s when you add more roux. You being a in-lander from the Georgia I wouldn't expect you to know of such things...


A fan of the Super XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints…yep, WE GOT OURS and they ain’t nothing YOU or anybody else can do about it.


Since: May 2, 2008
Posted on: December 28, 2010 3:01 pm

Falcons still have reason to smile

typical saints fan:  always stating the saints beat themselves instead of giving credit to the other team.   I could easily say, had turner not fumbled at the 1 yard line, falcons could have swept the saints this year.  also, matty ice's 2 home losses  were not both to the saints (the other loss was to denver back in 2008); you beat the falcons last year with our backup QB  playing .  why do we need to worry about only GB?  any team on any given sunday can win.  it's not like the saints blew the falcons out.  saints won by 3 which is basically  how these rivalry games have went, but saints fans act like they beat the falcons by 30!  believe me, I would love to have a round 3 match up with the saints in the playoffs.  nobody's scared of the saints.  bottom line is falcons will lock up the #1 seed next week with a win against carolina and have 1 week rest and the saints will be playing a WC game.  so falcons will be the more rested team come the playoffs! 

Since: Oct 11, 2009
Posted on: December 28, 2010 2:26 pm

Falcons still have reason to smile

And IF the Saints don't get a hundred little breaks all of last season, they don't have "THEIRS." If, if, if is the mantra of losers.  I cherish the oppotunity of seeing the Falcons and Saints again at the Georgia Dome.  One big difference between the two teams last was a must-win for the Saints as they teatered on the edge of elimination.  The Falcons only needed to win one of two to lock up the #1 seed.  See you in January, and gumbo doesn't have gravy.

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