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Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

Posted on: January 26, 2011 9:56 am
Edited on: January 26, 2011 9:57 am
Posted by Will Brinson

According to a letter that Roger Goodell sent to the NFL owners, there are major financial changes coming to the league office should a work stoppage occur.

Most prominently, according to the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, is Roger Goodell's salary being reduced to $1 (that's right: one dollar) in the event of a work stoppage.

Additionally, Jeff Pash, the chief negotiator for the league, will have his salary reduced to $1 if there's a work stoppage, upon his personal request.

VP's in the league office, according to the letter, will hold back 10 percent of their bonuses, Senior VP's will hold back 25 percent of their bonuses and Executive VP's will hold back 35 percent of their bonuses -- the amounts won't be paid until a new CBA is reached.

And, finally, annual bonuses for league office staff won't be paid until April.

But what does this all mean? Well, for starters, the lockout is getting close -- you can tell because the PR spinning has gotten ramped up in anticipation of the world's football media being all in one place over the next two weeks (Dallas for the Super Bowl, obviously).

And the word "work stoppage" is very interesting -- does that mean that Goodell's salary will become $1 as soon as the current CBA expires at the beginning of March? Or does that mean "if there's no football in 2011, the Commish only gets paid $1?"

Either way, there's a clear-cut emphasis by the league office to make it known that they too will suffer financially if there's a work stoppage. They just won't suffer as much as the players, who'll get $0 if that happens. Of course, on the bright side, every hard-working, NFL-watching fan will see a significant bump in salary without having to shell out for season tickets, Sunday Ticket, team jerseys, and all the other NFL-related amenities that come with being a fan of the sport.

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Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 6:15 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

As a literate and educated person(which by your definition is a douche nugget), when someone tells me that they are salaried, I generally don't have to go through too much of a thought process (unlike yourself) to come to the conclusion that they are talking about their yearly pay.  Why would it be any different?  When Goodell is saying he'll cut his salary down to 1 dollar that is what he is inferring.  It would be misleading to imply it any other way which is entirely possible.

Since: Oct 5, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:56 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

Well I'm not seeing this the way it seems everyone commenting does.  He can't (contractually) not pay the other executives.  He volunteered to take no salaray (again, the $1 is necessary technicality) as did Jeff Pash.  To me these are symbolic gestures of leadership -- that he won't get paid if he's leading an organization that isn't working and producing its product.  Will he starve; does he lack assets and savings?  Of course not.  But this is the right thing to do.

What if Congress refused their salary until unemeployment dropped below ___% or waived their own healthcare plan until every American was insured?

I see this announcement by Goodell as a sincere gesture that he wants to the deal done and for there to be a 2011 season with no interruption.  And yeah, knowing that owners are rich people INVESTING (see failing franchises in the NHL and NBA, and even some struggling MLB franchises) -- I blame the players.  Rookies should not make big $$$ until they are proven veterans...  the signing of unproven rookies in all sports to annually increasing lotteries has long been assinine.  On the other end the tossing aside of veterans who literally gave their bodies was long an embarrassment which still requires futher solution.  Free agency has ruined and will continue to ruin all four sports mentioned (talk to folks in Cleveland).

On the other hand, no we don't need 18 games.  And though it's not part of the CBA, we need to get rid of stupid rules and stop changing the rules every year and STOP punishing players for just playing the game.

Since: Mar 2, 2008
Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:44 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

If they dont play on time next year,they should fire this guy!! He should fine himself for letting this talk of lockout during superbowl week!! WE DONT WANNA HEAR ABOUT THIS CRAP,WE JUST WANNA WATCH FOOTBALL!!

Since: Dec 16, 2010
Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:28 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

Will, you forgot the massive bump in productivity (and profitability) that will be experienced by every US corporation, as well as a plethora of multinational corporations, due to the absence of fantasy football.
LOL, so true.

Since: Sep 5, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:23 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

Goodell is posturing for the masses here. That's all. He's hoping that the average fan will see this and instantly turn on the greedy players that are making millions of dollars to play a game. After all, the commissioner is willing to cut his salary! What's wrong with the players?? I think most fans are too smart to fall for that. And it warrants mentioning that he will make $1.00 more than all the players combined.

Since: Sep 27, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2011 3:13 pm

Goodell to take $1 salary if work stoppage occurs

Bonuses? Give me a break! I seriously hope Goodell and his minions don’t expect to gain any empathy with the general public by accepting only a percentage of their  “bonuses” until a new CBA is negotiated. All that means is that their “sacrifice” is prorated until a labor agreement is eventually signed. What is even more obscene is that, if you are familiar with the private corporate sector, their bonuses are more than likely equal to or greater than the yearly income of the average American.



Both sides keep talking about football for the fans but the negotiations have little or nothing to do with the fans. It’s about how players and owners will split the multibillion dollar pie. Ticket prices won’t go down, parking won’t be any cheaper and a bottle of stadium beer will still cost eight dollars or more. 



I realize attending a professional football game is more of a want than a need and that owners and players are compensated under a free market system - but that doesn’t diminish the economic reality that there are a lot of families out there that cannot afford to attend a professional football game because the costs are so prohibitive. The NFL might want to think about that if they want to grow the game.

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